Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today I went to a Weight Watchers meeting and weighed in. I am now 187.8 pounds which is a 1.6 pound weight loss this week, and a 12.6 pound loss since I've started Weight Watchers in March, and a 19.6 pound loss since I've started my weight loss journey in January. I'm a little disappointed, but I am learning to appreciate any kind of weight loss. Well until next time...



Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have been looking for a cute swim suit for the longest and I was browsing through one of my favorite blogs (, and she had a post on plus size swim suits, and this was one of the swim suit lines she was talking about. The website is called, I couldn't wait to buy one until I saw that the swim suits start at a size 14. Yes I am top heavy but I am to small for a 14, but then I started to wonder maybe I can a seamstress take it in; do you think that could work? Anyway has more the swimsuits they have dresses, shoes, and accessories also. May I say though this girl is working these outfits... GIRL YOU BETTA WORK!

Until next time...




All of a sudden at work I had a rush of excitement about my Miami trip in October, and my birthday in September. Since I have nothing else to do with my time at work I decided to do a little online shopping. I was only planning on buying one dress as a possible birthday dress, but I got a little carried away.

This was my first purchase of the day; as you can see my girl Kim K wore something similar to it a while ago.

I think this white dress would be perfect for Miami, or the white parties that come up at the end of the summer.

I think this is the contender for my birthday dress; if you couldn't tell from my last Vegas pictures on my birthday I love a sequin dress.

Just to let everyone know all of the dresses that I bought are a size 8, so if I can't fit into a size 8 dress by my birthday then I won't have anything to wear, and I definitely won't be going to Miami looking like a beached whale. It shouldn't be so hard for me to fit into a size 8 dress considering that the dress I wore on my birthday last year was a size 10, but instead of looking like a stuffed pig in a dress I want it to be able to fit right meaning NO SPANX! So what do you think? Do you think that I can do it? Or do you think that my goal isn't challenging enough? Until next time...




Chrissy and Jim Jones

Jim Jones' mother
I was watching one of my guilty pleasures Love & Hip Hop it was the reunion special last night; it wasn't as entertaining as I thought it was going to be, but neither was the show really so I don't know what I was really expecting. I must say though all of the ladies did look nice except Somaya (the one w/ the bright red lipstick). After the show one of my friends and I had a talk about one of the cast mates named Chrissy (the one in the grey jumpsuit). She is with a rapper by the name of Jim Jones; his mother is very over bearing and by looks of things is almost impossible for Chrissy to get along with. Me and my friend talked about a few situations where we had to deal with some past and one present relationship where we have to deal with over bearing over protective mothers of grown ass men.

So my question to all the ladies and men (if it applies to you); would you be able to be in a relationship with someone who has an over bearing mother? Like I said earlier I've had my share of boyfriends with over bearing mothers, and I couldn't stand it! On top of that what can I say to my boyfriend; "your mama gets on my nerves and I can't stand her." No I can't say that, so I either have to sit there and take it or leave. When I'm in a relationship it's me and you not me you your mama. I believe that most mothers that are like that are miserable and lonely and want their son's to fill in as there man instead of their grown adult son. I'm sorry for the rant, but I just had to say how I felt about this situation. Until next time...



Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm back everyone; I took a little break from blogging last week because I have a very stressful week last week. Anyway a week and a half ago I went to my first yoga class, and it was pretty challenging. But when I finished it I felt so good and energized. I will definitely go to more classes, but my work schedule seems to interfere with most of the classes at the studio I went to. So if anyone knows any other classes in the Oakland, CA area please let me know; Thank you in advance... Until next time...



Friday, May 6, 2011


Sunday I start my first yoga class at Bikram's Yoga College- Oakland. I'll be going by myself this time so I doubt I'll be able to take any pictures. I'm not sure how well I'll do considering I don't have much experience with yoga outside of this yoga DVD I bought a few years ago. Hopefully I'll be able to stick with it so I can be a flexible as this lady in the picture. Wish me luck that I don't embarrass myself during my first yoga class; until next time...




I got my first award yesterday by Lisa Mancini of it's a really nice blog and it's very insperational for people that want to lose weight. Thanks for the award Lisa! So now I have to write seven things about me hmmm....

Seven Things About Jessica

1. I love tattoos (I have 7)
2. I love sports; I used to play basketball in high school till I got pregnet
3. I am sa boarderline shopaholic (if I can't hit the mall I'll go shopping online)
4. I am a single mother of one gorgous son
5. I am a weaveaholic. I haven't worn my real hair out in years; not because I don't have any, but out of convenence
6. I am a pastors daughter (my mom and step dad are pastors of a church
7. I love to travel. I get hit with the travel bug when my grandfather took me to Saudi Arabia when I was 12

So I'm going to pass this award to the two bloggers that I follow and inspire me that don't have this award yet.

Until next time all...



Thursday, May 5, 2011


I'm board at work (like always), so I decided to take a look at some old pictures I had on my photobucket. Looking at these pictures make me sick; I don't understand how I let myself get this bad. Anyway, enjoy these before pictures because this will be the last time you see me looking like this.


Every time I eat these foods I feel oh so happy that I almost want to breakout into the electric slide. I haven't eaten most of these foods in months (I had round table pizza on my cheat day last Saturday and it was oh so good), but I still crave them daily. What really irritates me are these people that say, "oh since I've been eating healthy I have no cravings for the unhealthy foods that I used to eat." BULLSHIT, you know good and well if somebody offered you a big juicey, tender, falling off the bone BBQ rib you would eat it faster then I could say ummm ummm good. Anyway, these are a few things that I want to eat, but can't because I'm on this diet.

I could slam a whole rack of ribs if I wanted to smh

I love, love, love, love pizza

I tried to find a pic of steak fries which I buy from my 
local taco truck. which is steak, fries, cheese, and
sour cream UMMMM

Super burritos with lots of guacamole, and sour cream

Garlic noodles and crab; which is what I'll be eating tomorrow
I can hardly wait for all the garlic goodness

chicken and waffles (perferably rascoes)

McDonalds fries. Anybody that says they don't like their
fries is a lie


As all of you know from my last post I am 189.4 pounds. According to the BMI calculator that puts me at 30.5 which is considered obese. I have to lose 4.4 more pounds till I'm in the "overweight" category which would put me at 29.9.
When I first calculated my BMI I never thought that I would be obese I always thought of obese as my friend Sherman Klump (pictured above). I know being obese effects your health in many negative ways you are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, strokes, and sleep apnea. I'm way to young to develop these type of problems not only do I have myself to live for I have a child to live for also. So my mini goal is to get out of the "obese" category in two weeks. Well until next time...



Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I don't know if I have told you all this, but yes I am on Weight Watchers. I haven't been trying to hide it or anything, but for some reason I never brought it up. Anyway Wednesday is my official weigh in day; I haven't actually went to an official weigh in since March 30th, but I have still been staying within my points (for the most part). So the last time I weighed in I was 198.2, and now I'm 189.4. Now that I have lost 8.8 pounds since I last weighed in my points have gone done from 33 to 31. This should be good news, but I am so disappointed in myself; I know healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week but I expected more. This is the reason why I need this Miami/ bikini challange. Now I feel like I want to start it today, but who am I fooling Mothers Day is Sunday, and I'm going to dinner a Thanh Long's to celebrate on Friday. I know it sounds bad, but I love me some Thanh Long's and I think I deserve it being a mommy is a hard job. Well until next time...




I've never really been big on the latest electronics, but as I've gotten older I find myself wanting them. Here is a few things that I've been wanting lately.

A calorie pedometer; this would be great when I exercise to see how many calories I've burned.

Ipad 2, I don't have a particular reason why I want this, but I just do. I think I might splurge for one this week I'm not sure yet.

Last on my wish list is an 80g ipod classic; I used to have one, but on a trip to Vegas it got drenched with Grey Goose. Don't ask me how because those whole five days were a big blur.

That is all for my wish list today (well at least for electronics). Until next time...



Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My favorite is spin classes they are actually (for a lack of a better word) fun, but unfortunately I haven't been able to go like I used to because of my work schedule.

My other go to workout is the elliptical; I usually burn 700 plus calories in a hour on this. (Why do they look so happy on the elliptical?)

When I don't feel like going to the gym I workout to this DVD. It's a quick 20 minute workout and it's intense; perfect for someone that always uses the excuse that they are "to busy to workout."


I'm also interested in bikram yoga; their are a couple of studios in my town that I have meant to try out, but I have never had the time. This weekend I will definitely give it a try, and maybe I'll take some pictures if someone goes with me.

Late at night I see the Insanity infomercials and it looks crazy. I don't know if the results that they show are real, but I'm always up for trying something at least once.

An exercise boot camp is something that seems like a little fun minus the people yelling at you.

While writing this post I got one of Oprah's AH HA moments; I think I will try different workouts and blog about them during my 21 week Miami/ bikini challenge. What do you think about that? My first week I will be starting with Bikram yoga.
Oh and I haven't forgot about my reading labels post; I just haven't had time to go to the grocery store like I wanted to. I promise I will post it soon though; Until next time...




My cousin texted me this morning and asked me if I wanted to go to Miami for her husbands b day in October. I instantly texted back YES, but right after I sent the text I realized that I am nowhere near ready for Miami. Sure I have exactly five months to get ready, but will I be bikini ready? I have been to Miami before, but I have never been in a bikini in Miami.

So I am announcing to everyone that I AM OFFICIALLY STARTING MY BIKINI CHALLENGE ON MONDAY! I am still on my 900 calorie a day diet, but this challenge that I'm going to be on is going to be a little stricter. Meaning, no more cheat days on Saturday, more workouts, and possibly getting a trainer. This will be a challenge, but I want to look good this is what a I have to do. Also if anybody else wants to join me in this challenge you are welcome; I would love the support. Until next time...




I've lost another 5 pounds! Well at least that's what my scale says. It's a manual scale so it can be a little off from the scale that I use at Weight Watchers once a week. So anyway this is a quick bathroom pic of me that I took yesterday; can you see a difference from the pic I took a few weeks ago. I put the picture below so it will be a little easier for you to compare. Until next time...